Cinema Insomnia (2001 - Present)
Way back in 2001 a fledgling horror host by the name of Mr.
Lobo launched a little late night movie program called "Cinema
Insomnia" on KXTV channel 10 in Sacramento. Since that time
Lobo, and CI, have been syndicated all over this great country of
ours appearing on TV screens from Cucamonga to Kalamazoo.
Lobo has even launched a very successful line of DVDs
featuring CI episodes which can be purchased through
Amazon.com. All this, including numerous public appearances
at movie screenings and conventions, have made this a very
eventful decade for Lobo indeed.

Local Horror Host, Eric Lobo aka "Mr. Lobo" started Cinema
Insomnia on KXTV Channel 10 in Sacramento in 2001 only to
have it cancelled later that year. Since then, that 3:05 AM time
slot on very late Saturday/early Sundays have been replaced by
a hostless movie slot consisting of the same 13 public domain
movies. Since this is the 10th Anniversary of Mr. Lobo's debut
on KXTV, this petition is encouraging KXTV to bring back
Cinema Insomnia & Mr. Lobo to the same time slot. They have
nothing to lose but plenty to gain.
They're not bad movies -- Just Misunderstood.

Cinema Insomnia is a nationally syndicated American television
series presented by horror host Mr. Lobo.

Typically, Mr. Lobo opens each episode by promising to screen
a well-known horror or science fiction classic (such as The
Creature from the Black Lagoon or Alien); however budgetary
limitations, acts of God or other circumstances invariably force
him to show a much lower quality movie (such as Starcrash or
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians).

Unlike the various hosts and robots of Mystery Science Theater
3000, Mr. Lobo does not appear while the movie is playing;
instead he appears in brief vignettes in between segments of
the movie. Also appearing are items such as fake commercials
(such as one for "Rad Abrams – Skateboard Attorney"), old
movie trailers, classic commercials and footage and interviews
shot at horror conventions, science fiction conventions, and film
festivals across the country.
Mr. Lobo's rocking chair was previously used by none other than
Bob Wilkins at last live appearance at Harlow's in Sacramento.
Bob Wilkins was credited as the senior consultant for Cinema
Insomnia when the series went into syndication.

Miss Mittens - Mr Lobo's ever-vigilant houseplant companion -
was a gift from Sacramento News10's chief meteorologist
Elissa Lynn.

The black void in which Mr. Lobo inhabits on the program is
actually a hand-crafted velvet drape, made by two hundred
Malaysian children.

The episode with the largest "footprint" or viewing radius was
the 2006 Halloween Special, "Frankenstein vs. the Creature
from Blood Cove. It was available to 45 Million households
across the US.

Mr. Lobo's career had many twists and turns before his fame as
a Horror Host, including, publishing comic books and trading
cards, illustrating children's books, writing comedy, and
producing radio plays. Also Mr. Lobo is his real name.
Zoinks! Mr. Lobo Makes A Guest Appearance On SCOOBY DOO?

In the very first episode of "Scooby-Doo! (Mystery Incorporated)",entitled
"Beware The Beast from Below", which aired on Cartoon Network in early
July, Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Velma and Scooby crossed paths with a
character named Professor Emmanuel Raffalo, which as you can see from
the photo, bears an uncanny resemblance to the nationally syndicated
horror host.

In this classic episode of "Cinema Insomnia" every ones favorite horror
movie host, Mr. Lobo, sets out to find the truth about all of this alien visitation
mumbo-jumbo by traveling across the globe to many of the locations
featured in the film including the infamous "Area 51". Much to Lobo's
surprise, finding the exact location of one our countries most top-secret
instillation's isn't as difficult as one would expect, thanks in part to the
'Freedom of Information Act.' All anyone needs to do is simply call
information (411) and ask for the number.

Simple right?

Well, as Lobo soon discovers, he has been given the number of "Area 51
Auto Salvage" not the "Area 51" where all the UFOs are kept.

Mr Lobo Interviews Monsters From The ID Director David Gargani

Lobo: Greetings David, MONSTERS FROM THE ID is a powerful and
inspiring documentary! Thank you for taking the time to answer these
questions. Before we start, could you give a brief capsule description of your
film for those out there who aren't lucky enough to have heard of it?

DG: Well… “Monsters From The Id” weaves the intersecting themes of over
30 classic 1950’s sci-fi films in order to tell the untold story of the rise of the
modern scientist and his affect on inspiring the youth of America. It then
continues to examine where science inspiration comes from today.

Lobo: How has reaction to the film been at other festivals and screenings?

DG: Thankfully, very good. When I started making this film and decided there
would be no narration, I was worried that people wouldn’t follow the film.
However, it seems like everyone gets it loud and clear. I became interested in
these films because they inspired me. But it seems my film has gone on to
inspire others and that’s the vibe I’ve been getting at most of the festivals.

Lobo: Many would believe a baby boomer made this film due to the selection
of films and it’s view of the decade. How old are you? When and how did you
see the films covered in your documentary? AND Are you a Sci-Fi Fan?