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Godzilla (2014)(Legendary Pictures)

An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure, from Warner Bros.
Pictures and Legendary Pictures, pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent
creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

Gareth Edwards directs “Godzilla,” which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Kick-Ass”), Oscar®
nominee Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurai,” “Inception”), Elizabeth Olsen (“Martha Marcy
May Marlene”), Oscar® winner Juliette Binoche (“The English Patient,” “Cosmopolis”), and
Sally Hawkins (“Blue Jasmine”), with Oscar® nominee David Strathairn (“Good Night, and
Good Luck.,” “The Bourne Legacy”) and Bryan Cranston (“Argo,” TV’s “Breaking Bad”).

“Possibly the last of an ancient species of giant amphibious creatures that evolved at a time
when the surface of the Earth was over ten times more radioactive that it is today. Godzilla
can convert his radiation stores into a violent, focused exhalation of atomic ray. Rarely seen,
but spoken of in ancient Pacific Island myths, “Gojira” was last spotted in 1954, when the U.S.
Navy encountered and attempted to kill him with an atomic blast in the Pacific Ocean. Since
then, the giant creature has been living in the deep ocean – until a threat to his survival from
an ancient foe forces him to reappear.”
Godzilla (2014)(Legendary Pictures)

Directed by Gareth Edwards
Produced by Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni,
Mary Parent, Brian Rogers
Screenplay by Max Borenstein
Story by  David Callaham


Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Ken Watanabe
Elizabeth Olsen
Juliette Binoche
Sally Hawkins
David Strathairn
Bryan Cranston

Music by Alexandre Desplat
Cinematography Seamus McGarvey
Editing by Bob Ducsay
Studio(s) Legendary Pictures, Warner
Bros. Pictures

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Toho (Japan)

Release dates  May 16, 2014

Country  United States
Language  English
Budget  $160 million