Uncanny X-Men #94, August 1975
Batman #253 -
November 1973
Issue - DC Comics -
Grade VG

$9.99 USD

"Who Knows What Evil...?"
Guest-starring the Shadow.
Script by Denny O'Neil,
pencils by Irv Novick, inks by
Dick Giordano.

Batman follows a gang of
counterfeiters to a desert
resort, where he meets the

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Iron Man and
Sub-Mariner #1,
April 1968 Issue -
Marvel Comics -
Grade Fine

$89.99 USD

Roy Thomas and Archie
Goodwin stories. Gene
Colan, Johnny Craig, and
Frank Giacoia art. Cover by
Colan and Bill Everett.

Iron Man is magnetically
bound to a table in the lower
hull of a Maggia gambling
ship. An overhead laser
beam threatens to slice him
in half. He manages to pull a
recharge cable from one his
side-pods and short circuits
the electrical systems
operating both the table and
the laser.
Simultaneously, agents of A.I.M. board the cruise ship and raid the gambling
den. Big M orders Whiplash to deal with them. Avoiding enemy fire, Whiplash
manages to keep the A.I.M. agents at bay with his whip. As everything erupts
into chaos, Jasper Sitwell dives behind a poker table and tries to stay out of
sight. Big M and Whiplash eventually retreat and seal themselves inside of a
special chamber.

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Amazing Spider-Man
#124, September
1973 Issue - Marvel
Comics - Grade Fine

$39.99 USD

First appearance of
Man-Wolf (John Jameson) in
"The Mark of the Man-Wolf."
Script by Gerry Conway,
pencils by Gil Kane, inks by
John Romita Sr. and Tony
Mortellaro. Romita cover.

Web-slinging through the
city, Spider-Man stops to
take a look at the local
papers, and becomes mad
that the Bugle is the only
newspaper that's calling him
a murderer in connection
with the death of Norman
Osborn  At the Bugle, Joe
Robertson questions
Jameson about his editorials, believing that Spider-Man should be allowed due
process before being demonized by public opinion. Their debate is interrupted
by the arrival of Jonah's son John.

John has recently been on a mission to the moon, and he has come to visit his
father with his fiance Kristine Saunders. However, John begins to act strange
(unnoticed to others this is due to a necklace he is wearing.) It is passed off as
strain from his job and jokes about Kristine not taking good care of John.

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Vintage item from the 1970s
Ships worldwide from Victorville, California
Uncanny X-Men #94, August 1975, Marvel Comics

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From Marvel Comics  

Chapter 1: "The Doomsmith Scenario"  

Professor X gathers the large team together in the school. He wants to
congratulate them on their last battle as well as talk to them about the
future. No sooner does he get the words out of his mouth when Sunfire
speaks up and says he is leaving the team. Xavier tries to stop him,
but Sunfire refuses. The other new members of the team stay, some
hesitantly and Sunfire flies away. Banshee is asked and begins to say
that he is too old for the team of young heroes, but accepts the
challenge anyhow.  

Unexpectedly, some of the original group as well as Lorna Dane and
Havok decide to leave. They reason that when they joined the team,
they were young and inexperienced. They have decided to live their
lives on their own since Xavier has taught them to be responsible. Out
of the original group, Cyclops is the only one to remain.  

The next day, Cyclops says his goodbyes and tells Jean he loves her
and that he is staying. She tells him she loves him and then leaves with
the rest of the group. Cyclops brings the new team to the Danger
Room for their first trial run. Thunderbird proudly decides to go first
and a few seconds later is flung out the entrance. The next few days of
Danger Room training runs the X-Men group hard. During one of the
sequences, Thunderbird is grazed by a laser beam on his leg.
Cyclops calls him out as being careless and tells him how he could
have lost his leg if the laser was on full power. Thunderbird fights back
until Xavier telepathically demands their disgraceful display to cease.
He tells Thunderbird to get to the infirmary and Cyclops to report to his

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In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado a helicopter flies
near Valhalla Mountain. Buried beneath the mountain is
the command center for NORAD. In the War Room, a
package is brought to Joe Harris. He opens it and finds
that it is a box that has written, "Press Me," on it. Joe
laughs and presses the button.